Getting Cosmetic Surgery? Here’s How You Should Plan For It

If you are thinking about getting a cosmetic procedure done or if you have already made the decision, there are a few important things to consider and prepare for ahead of time. Cosmetic surgery requires a distinct skill set and a specialized approach as compared to plastic surgery. At Pacifico Plastic Surgery, we want to make sure your mind is at ease before you come into our Brooklyn cosmetic surgery facility. To help you get ready, we’ve created a quick guide on how you can plan for your procedure no matter what it is.

One Month Before

A month before your scheduled cosmetic procedure some doctors, Dr. Pacifico included, ask for patients to get a physical done by their primary doctor. This will ensure your health is in good shape and that you can withstand getting the procedure done. Try scheduling a physical at least one month before surgery and have the results ready for the cosmetic surgeon.

Two Weeks Before

Around two weeks prior to surgery, consult with your surgeon about all the medications you are taking. Medications that you will need to stop taking include vitamin E pills, medicine that contains aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants, and any other that your surgeon may identify. This is also a great time to start prepping a recovery area and stocking up on good books and finding television shows to binge.

One Week Before

Dr. Pacifico recommends really focusing on your nutrition one week ahead of surgery. Cut your sodium intake in half to be around 1,200 mg – 1,500 mg per day, drink lots of water, and consume healthy foods. If you have any prescriptions that need to be filled, now is the best time to do it because after surgery you will want to rest.

The Day Before

The day of your cosmetic surgery is almost here! The day before it’s important to get a good night’s rest and contact Dr. Pacifico with last minute questions, comments, and concerns. No eating or drinking is allowed after midnight!

Pacifico Plastic Surgery wants to make your cosmetic surgery in New Jersey the best experience as we possibly can. To learn more about the services we offer and how to prepare for each different procedure, give us a call today at 718-761-3700, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!


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