Frequently Asked Questions About Brazilian Butt Lifts

The Brazilian butt lift, formally known as gluteoplasty, is one of the most common plastic surgeries we perform for Brooklyn patients. During the procedure, your doctor will remove excess fat from the belly, lower back, or another area of the body using liposuction and inject it into the buttocks for a more rounded and fuller appearance.

Although most people have heard about this procedure, not everyone knows the finer details of the process. That is why we’ve created this list of frequently asked questions for patients contemplating a Brazilian butt lift.


  • Am I a Good Candidate?


If you’re in good health, chances are you’ll be a fit candidate for a butt lift procedure. If you have heart or lung complications, or a neurological disorder, you may be unfit for any type of plastic surgery.


  • Do I need to Gain or Lose Weight Before the Procedure?


This varies from patient to patient, but you should be a few pounds heavier than your ideal weight when you go in for your procedure. It is also important to maintain your weight after the procedure for the best results.


  • Where Will The Fat Be Extracted From?


Most doctors take fat from the lower back, stomach, or “love handles,” but it can differ for each patient. Although not a complete liposuction surgery, the Brazilian butt lift can help Brooklyn patients shed unwanted fat by taking it from problem areas and moving it to the buttocks.


  • How Much Scarring Will There Be?


The incisions to extract and inject the fat are very small—about a quarter-inch long. Each person will heal differently, but we do everything in our power to minimize scarring for our patients.


  • How Long Is The Recovery Process?


You should be up and walking around within a couple of days of the surgery. Patients typically return to work in about one week following a Brazilian butt lift, although to ensure the best results, you shouldn’t sit directly on your butt for eight weeks or more after surgery.


  • How Long Will Results Last?


A Brazilian butt lift is a long-lasting procedure. Some of the new fat will be absorbed into the body while the rest will stay put indefinitely. If you follow the doctor’s orders during the recovery process and exercise appropriately, you can expect to see the results last a very long time.

If you’re considering a Brazilian butt lift in Brooklyn, contact Dr. Biagio Pacifico today to set up an appointment.


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