Neck Lift

neck lift staten islandFor most patients, a neck lift isn’t usually the first option that comes to mind when thinking about the procedures a plastic surgeon can provide. But look at it this way: Your neck is one of the initial areas of the body that other people see, and as we all get older, signs of aging will often show up in our necks.
If your neck is afflicted by excess fat, excess skin, creasing or other signs of aging, a neck lift may be the perfect solution. Men and women from throughout Staten Island, Brooklyn and the other boroughs (as well as New Jersey) turn to Pacifico Plastic Surgery for their neck lifts because we’re among the city’s best, and we’ll work closely with our patients to deliver stunning results that they can cherish for years and years.
There’s no denying that when it comes to cosmetic procedures, many people wonder, does it actually work? And the good news about a neck lift is that its results are stunningly effective more often than not. In other words, neck lifts really work. Best of all, superior results can be achieved with minimal incisions—especially compared to other cosmetic surgeries.
There isn’t a one-size-fits-all neck lift surgery. The approach we’ll take depends on the specific issue itself and the individual patient. We’ll work with you closely and extensively before making a plan of action to get your neck looking as great as can be.
While the success rate of neck lifts as a whole are high, keep in mind it’s still surgery. With that being said, there’s nothing to worry about, but it’s imperative that you treat the necessary precautions and post-op regimens with the utmost seriousness. We’ll guide you the whole way through, never leaving you in the dark, so you will always have a support system to help you keep on the right track. In the time before and after the procedure, you should avoid:

  • Fatty foods
  • High amounts of sugar
  • Certain drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin and others
  • Smoking
  • Alcoholic beverages

There is no uniform blueprint for the surgery itself, since different people require different operations. All in all, you can expect the procedure to last approximately two hours, give or take. Likewise, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to anesthesia—that depends on a mix between your preference and our recommendation. Whether we administer a local or general anesthetic is up to a number of yet-to-be-determined factors.
After the procedure, expect the bulk of recovery to last a week. That means you’ll have to forego your normal routine for seven days—including work, exercise, shopping, driving and so on—before you can return back to “normal.”
There are myriad other factors that you need to be aware of before we take you into the operating room. We hope these preliminary facts have helped you better understand what to expect, and we look forward to helping you achieve a neck that’s as beautiful as can be.
Join the countless men and women from Staten Island, Brooklyn and the rest of New York and New Jersey who have turned to us for their neck lift procedures. We’re confident you’ll be glad that you gave Pacifico Plastic Surgery a call. See you soon!

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