Fat Transfer

fat transfer staten islandFat transfer, which may alternately be referred to as fat injection or fat grafting, is a cosmetic procedure that is gaining popularity among patients in Brooklyn and Staten Island (as well as the rest of New York and New Jersey) because of the beautiful, natural results that it produces.


  • Natural – Because cells are being used from the patient’s own body, there is very little chance of an allergic reaction, unlike with some synthetic substances.
  • Long-lasting – While not considered permanent, the results achieved by fat transfer can last for many months or even years.
  • Improves overall appearance – Fat transfer accomplishes two things at once: Patients reduce fat in undesired areas, such as the stomach, thighs or arms, and gain volume in a more desirable area.


Many people tolerate fat transfer procedures well, but here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Age – Fat transfer can be performed on people as young as 18. Individuals who are over 65 may have an increased risk of complications from the procedure.
  • Health – Patients should always consult their primary care doctor before any cosmetic procedure. It is recommended that patients are in generally good health and free from heart disease and other serious illnesses.
  • Availability of donor cells – In order to have a successful fat transfer procedure, a patient needs a certain amount of fat available. Individuals who are very skinny or lean may want to consider alternate options.

Types of Correction

Fat transfer can be used to correct many different areas of the body, including:

  • Face – As people age, they tend to lose volume in the face. While the procedure can temporarily increase volume in the lips, it works particularly well to correct sunken cheeks and undereye bags. Additionally, it can be used to reduce the appearance of acne scars.
  • Hands – When the hands begin to lose fat, they can appear bony with prominent veins, which can add years of age. Fat transfer can rejuvenate the hands, giving them a more youthful appearance.
  • Breasts – Fat transfer produces more natural results than traditional breast implants for women who wish to enlarge the breast tissue.
  • Buttocks – Men and women who want natural enhancement for their posterior may find that fat transfer offers the best solution for small or saggy buttocks.


  • There are three main parts of a fat transfer procedure, regardless of the specific type of procedure. The length of the procedure will vary based on how much augmentation is desired.
  • Collect donor cells. Using liposuction, Dr. Biagio Pacifico, a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, will remove fat from the designated donor area.
  • Purify fat. For more desirable results, the fat cells are placed in a centrifuge for purification, ensuring that only the best ones remain to be used in the procedure.
  • Inject fat in desired areas. Once the fat has been purified, the physician will inject it into the designated areas to help the patient achieve their desired look.


Depending on the area where the fat was transferred, recovery time will vary. Patients who receive injections in the face will typically recover within a week or two. Augmentations to the buttocks tend to take longer to heal.
It is important to keep in mind that the initial appearance will not be the same as the final result. Eventually, the swelling will go down, and some of the fat will also be reabsorbed by the body.
Brooklyn and Staten Island area residents, as well as those living throughout New York and New Jersey, who are ready for gorgeous, natural enhancement can call us today for more information about this procedure.

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